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VIDEO: Kevin Walter Catches 20-Yard Touchdown Off A Defender's Leg

This Kevin Walter touchdown to give the Houston Texans a 33-32 lead over the New Orleans Saints in the fourth quarter is one of the best catches you'll ever see. Not only was it an incredible catch, but it also came at a huge moment in the game. The Saints had all the momentum in rallying from a two-score deficit, but not after this play.

Video below the jump.

As you can see here, Matt Schaub's pass tipped off Walter's hands and off a Saints defenders' foot. Pretty much everyone stopped playing, except for Walter. He was smart enough to see that the ball never hit the ground, and he picked it up off the foot and moved in for the touchdown.

It was reminiscent of Antonio Freeman's memorable catch on Monday Night Football. It may not matter, because the Saints have just scored again, but oh well. An amazing catch is an amazing catch.