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Michael Vick Injury Video: Eagles QB Breaks Hand After Awkward Fall

For the second week in a row, Michael Vick didn't finish a game. Last week, it was a brutal hit that knocked Vick out, resulting in a concussion. This time around, Vick was battered again, but it wasn't his head that was the problem. Instead, an awkwardly landing resulted in a broken right hand, eventually forcing him from the game.

Here's the hit, which took place in the third quarter of Sunday's matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. Vick was taken to the locker room after the drive concluded, but made his return a short time later.

After giving it a go, Vick finally took a seat on the bench as Mike Kafka entered the game. Kafka promptly threw an interception on the first play from scrimmage and the Eagles ended up falling to the Giants, 29-16. It's unclear how long Vick will be out, but back-to-back injuries in consecutive weeks must have Eagles' fans' stomachs in a knot.

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