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Michael Vick Latest To Criticize Michael Vick For Complaining

By now you've seen the New York Post cover that featured Michael Vick in a bib and with a bottle following his complaints about the referees in last weekend's Philadelphia Eagles - New York Giants game.

Vick has seen it as well and, well, now he kinda agrees with it.

"My kids were killing me about that. That was a good one," Vick said smiling. "That was a good one. I guess when you sit on the podium and you make excuses like that, then you’re going to be labeled a crybaby, so maybe I did deserve it."

Vick has since softened his stance on the refs and apologized, saying he doesn't want any special treatment. Good on him for taking a step back, wiping off his bib, taking a comforting sip from his baby bottle and moving on.

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