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Detroit Police Looking To Force Booty Lounge Out Of Business

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The Detroit Lions win a couple games and nobody gets to enjoy a stripper-mobile during tailgates. The Booty Lounge, as it's called, is a rolling strip club that sets up shop near Ford Field before Lions games, and has caught the eye of the Detroit police, who have now vowed to shut the "establishment" down. The strong statement from Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr comes on the heels of a local news investigation, which was somehow necessary to realize a giant bus named "Booty Lounge" was a mobile strip club.

Still, one can't help but chuckle when the chief of police says he's going to investigate the Booty Lounge aggressively.

"Ostensibly, it's an illegal establishment," Godbee said. "The same thing that would regulate that type of activity in a strip club would be applicable to that vehicle. We're going to police it very aggressively through our investigation.

"I'm appalled at this kind of conduct because we have families and children around. We need to make sure these events are fan-friendly for children and their families."

One more quick quote to point out:

Godbee said his officers "jumped right on" the issue, adding this was the first time he heard about the bus.

I'm sure they did.