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VIDEO: Tom Brady's UGG's Commercial, A Troll's Masterpiece

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Tom Brady endorses UGG's shoes. This was pretty hilarious to everybody when it was first announced, and it's pretty funny again now, because he's starred in a new commercial for the company, which is set to debut on TV soon. Here is that, and let's talk about all this below.

Some high art for an ad about a shoe company best known for creating the year 2007. Mos Def's "Twilite Speedball" provides the accompaniment, and the whole thing is filmed with the same looking-back-at-the-subject camera trick as the movie Pi. They must be really good shoes in which to walk.

And of course it all concludes with sports' greatest troll staring right at you, begging you to make fun of him for all this. You can see the troll steam just shooting out of his troll pores as he tries to hold it all in.

It probably won't shatter Tom Brady's feelings if you don't like him because he got paid a whole lot of money to walk around in some shoes. It will only make him stronger.

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