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Tim Tebow Takes Over SportsCenter, Twitter Reacts

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In case you missed it this afternoon, ESPN dedicated an entire episode of SportsCenter to Tebow. It included analysis from the likes of Herm Edwards, Adam Schefter, Trevor Matich, and even baseball expert Tim Kurkjian. There were also segments on the business of Tebow, highlights of each game he's played, and even a gameshow, "You Don't Know Tebow".


After the jump, see how Twitter reacted.

It all began with this tweet from @SportsCenter:


And then we were off! A sampling off the responses to the #SCTebow hashtag:

its not all about numbers, he's a leader and a winner -- @Patvivs30

Yo, , you're the reason people hate Tebow. You're forcing him down America's throat. -- @broncohighway

Can we please make an ESPN15 channel so those of us that aren't consumed by Tebow can have our comprehensive coverage back?

ESPN never had a Michael Jordan special. When Tebow has 6 rings then, by all means, go for it. Until then, let it go. -- @willpug

Tebow is an amazing football player, and great leader. I believe he is god! Thats why he plays for Denver, a mile closer to heaven! -- @cdogg1160

"tebow is a combination of Rudy and sea biscuit" hahaha I love it. Tebows the man! -- @DC11989

Tebow is not the best quarterback when it comes to skills at the position, but he may be the best football player in the NFL -- @trauma305

Tebow-classic underdog story. He reflects what operating in a higher strength looks like. He's not perfect but he's passionate. -- @Janette_sworld

we get it sportcenter, you like tim tebow. what has he done to have a show dedicated to him? -- @edgarblackmon

Feel free to share your responses below.

I'm off to strangle a kitten.