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VIDEO: Hakeem Nicks Hauls In Hail Mary To End The Half

I'd say someone should put a body on Hakeem Nicks, but I just don't think it matters at this point. Throughout the first half, the Green Bay Packers certainly tried to slow down Nicks, failing every time. He bounced off a defender and raced into the end zone for an early score, then ripped the ball away from a cornerback later to set the Giants up with first and goal.

But his best act came just before the half. Caught in an in-between situation -- just out of field goal range, not quite enough time to pickup a small chunk -- Eli Manning went deep on a Hail Mary. And guess who was there to grab it.

For the half, that's five catches for 152 yards and two touchdowns for Nicks. And because of his Hail Mary reception, the Giants have a 20-10 lead over the Packers.

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