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Rob Lowe Reports Peyton Manning To Retire, Internet Happy For Distraction

On this Wikipedia-less day, it's hard to know where to turn as a nation for all of our facts. In the face of the unknown, there is still one source that burns bright and will never kowtow to government regulation.

Rob Lowe.

So when Rob Lowe tweets that Indianapolis Colts' quarterback Peyton Manning is retiring, by God America, you take that as gospel.

Who are you to not take Dean Youngblood at his word? He was photographed with Jim Irsay once. Case closed.

That Peyton's agent and father both refute the rumor, the latter laughing while doing so, is negligible, Rob has learn a lot of lessons since Tommy Boy and the value of always telling the truth is chief amongst them.

And just in case you thought the actor was done, make sure you keep an eye on #RobLoweIsReporting for all your breaking news.


Glorious H/T: CatLab