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Dez Bryant, Lil Wayne And The Weirdest Report Of The Day

Remember that report about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant being detained after an altercation at a club on Sunday? By itself, it's not that huge of a deal -- Bryant was never arrested, only detained. But can I interest you in the fun details?

Let's toss Lil Wayne into the mix:

Suddenly a story about an altercation of unknown severity and a minor run-in with police is a whole lot more interesting. If true, why were Dez Bryant and Lil Wayne fighting? What were they doing at the same club together? How in the world did it take three days for these details to come out? You'd think if Weezy was fighting with Bryant, someone, somewhere would know about it.

And it all happened at Club LIV, the place that produced one of the best party photos ever last year.