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Rex Ryan And The Jets Go Down In Flames, Tears, Etc.

You have to give the Jets credit. Right till the bitter end, Rex Ryan and his team will always keep things exciting. Not to content to fade quietly toward the offseason, Rex Ryan addressed his team on Monday and reportedly broke down in tears, and pleaded with his players to remain a team.

On the other end of the spectrum... The players themselves refused to even speak to reporters, except for the ones they decided to told to "Get the f*** out my face". Here's CBS Sports:

Santonio Holmes, who actually talked Sunday after he was benched for the final few minutes of the game, was escorted out by the Jets PR department and refused to comment, according to the Newark Star Ledger.

Linebacker Bart Scott also refused to talk, and when a photographer got in his way, Scott yelled, "Get out of my f------ face" and flipped the bird. Cornerback Darrelle Revis also uncharacteristically declined comment.

It just goes to show how acrimonious that locker room has become and what a disaster of a season it was for the Jets.

Thankfully, no reporters were actually decapitated this morning. But still, you get the idea. When asked about his plans for next season, Bart Scott also added, "All I know is I got a guaranteed contract for $4 million." Alright then! Here's to hoping Bart (and Rex) (and Sanchez) (and Santonio) sticks around for next year, because even if they failed on the field, this team is just way too much fun to love/hate.

A world without Rex and his ridiculous Jets is a world I want no part of whatsoever.