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Pro Bowl 2012: Players Thinking About Money

The 2012 Pro Bowl will kick off on Sunday night and, while the outcome in all-star games typically doesn't matter to the casual fan, the NFL has attempted to make sure that the players will play to win. The league will pay $50,000 to each player on the winning team while the losers take home $25,000 as a nice participation bonus.

The players commented on just how important winning is while talking to on Saturday.

"I think guys, for the first few quarters, they come out and have a good time," Chargers TE Antonio Gates said Saturday. "But when the fourth quarter arrives, people start thinking ‘Wow, I've been here for a week and I've spent this and all the incidentals.' So another $50,000 seems a lot better than $25,000."

While that money is important to the veterans, young guys like New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham are probably more inclined to play hard for all four quarters as they attempt to take home some extra cash.

"The extra $25,000 wouldn't hurt, especially for a young talent like myself," Graham said. "I don't get paid like the rest of these guys do."

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