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VIDEO: 2012 Pro Bowl Is Basically A Walkthrough

I don't hold any false illusions about what the Pro Bowl is. There's computer banks on the sidelines, it's in Hawaii and we all know exactly what we're getting into. This is not professional football, but more what you'd see during a semi-competitive game of pickup flag football.

But come on, this is ridiculous. This was an actual play, run at "full speed."

The fans booed during and after the play. If the fans in Hawaii are booing a play, you've done something very wrong. Like, say, running a play that more closely resembles something that'd be run in a Best Western parking lot during a college football walkthrough than something run in an NFL game. It's an exhibition, sure, but at least act like you want to be there.

Now let's remember happier times.

That's how you handle a football game, Pro Bowl or not.

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