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VIDEO: Brandon Marshall Catches Third Pro Bowl Touchdown, Does Something Interesting

The 2012 Pro Bowl has been an exercise in moderate shoving, half-pace scrambling and when you should attempt an onside kick (every other time). Along the way, some teams have scored and some players have made some plays. Occasionally, both of those things happened at the same time.

But late in the third quarter on Sunday, Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall caught his third touchdown of the game, from his third quarterback of the game. Had he made a normal catch, that wouldn't have been as interesting as it sounded. However, he chose to catch the ball like this:

Yes, he missed the ball, kicked the rebound off his foot while flat on his back and caught a 47-yard touchdown pass from Andy Dalton to put the AFC on top by a score of 38-35, proving that no matter how rarely, sometimes exciting things happen in the Pro Bowl.

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