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ANIMATED: Marshawn Lynch's Flop, Drew Brees' Dropkick Redeem Pro Bowl

The 2012 Pro Bowl, like every single Pro Bowl before it, had no stakes whatsoever associated with it, and was thus expected to showcase nothing more than the skills of the NFL's many excellent passing attacks in what amounted to little more than an 11-on-11 drill. And fans got that, with the AFC eclipsing the previous record for points by one team in a Pro Bowl game and the two teams combining for the most yards in a Pro Bowl game. But they also got a taste of Skittles enthusiast Marshawn Lynch's talents as a thespian, and Drew Brees' lack of proficiency with the dropkick.

GIFs after the jump.


Ryan Clark has hit many people hard in his NFL career. Lynch, on this carry, was not one of them, but he certainly sold the hit as if it were.

Just moments later, the NFC scored its final touchdown of the day, and Brees took the opportunity to try a dropkick with former San Diego Chargers teammate and dropkick ace Doug Flutie in the broadcast. It did not go well.


Looks like Brees will just have to fall back on that "is a quarterback who threw for more yards in a season than anyone else in NFL history" thing!