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Carl Peterson Involved In Jeff Fisher's Miami Dolphins Interview

The former brains behind the Kansas City Chiefs football operation, Carl Peterson, reportedly flew in to Davie, Fla., on a helicopter with his friend, and Miami Dolphins owner, Steve Ross, to assist the Dolphins during their interview of former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher on Tuesday, the Sun-Sentinel reports. Fisher was also on the helicopter. As to what that means for the Dolphins' franchise and decision-making, here's what the Sun-Sentinel's Dave Hyde had to say:

It's not known whether this means Peterson will have an active role in the franchise or if he's simply doing this as a favor for Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland. On Monday, Ireland announced he and Ross were formulating their plan to carry out the interviews.

Ross said a few weeks ago that he hadn't discussed a role with Peterson and that Ireland was his general manager.

The Dolphins fired Tony Sparano late in the 2011 season, after which the team, which started 0-7, went on a run to finish the season 6-10.

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