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Pro Bowl Bonus Money: $50,000 For AFC And $25,000 For NFC

The 2012 Pro Bowl is over as the AFC took home a 59-41 victory over the NFC thanks in large part to four touchdowns from Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall (and very little defense from the NFC). An all-star game in a contact sport like football is hard to do because inevitably players are going to avoid going 100 percent so as to not injure themselves or someone else. That's why the Pro Bowl isn't always the best game to watch.

And the NFL isn't like MLB where the all-star game actually means something (home field advantage in the World Series). Instead, the only thing motivating players to actually play hard is money.

The players from the winning team, which was the AFC in this case, pulled home an extra $50,000, while the players from the losing team received $25,000.

Judging by Sunday night's game, the AFC knew they'd be doubling their money if they won as they scored three fourth quarter touchdowns to secure the victory.

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