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Edson, Kansas Releases Rejected Super Bowl Commercials

The folks in Edson are at it again! The residents of the western Kansas town, population approximately 30, have in the past launched unsuccessful efforts to host the 2015 Super Bowl and win an NBA franchise.

I was recently emailed a press release from the good people in Edson. They produced a couple of commercials to air during the Super Bowl, but as you'll learn, they were rejected for being too controversial. The videos, as well as the full press release, are after the jump.

Dear Ma'am or Sir:

Hello and welcome to this press release! This press release is about Edson, Kansas, and the TOO HOT FOR TV commercials that were REJECTED by NBC for broadcast during the Super Bowl.

All we wanted to do was air a couple of commercials inviting people to check out our beautiful town. Why was it rejected, you ask? That's right: they were TOO CONTROVERSIAL.

The controversy was that we did not have any money to pay NBC. We were not trying to get away with a scandal or anything. We just thought they would air the commercials for free, and maybe for grain.

We have heard that the Internet goes TOTALLY BONKERS over CONTROVERSIAL REJECTED SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS, so we thought we would pass them on to you folks so that you could enjoy & like them.

Here is the first one. It is all about showing the world what EDSON, KANSAS has to offer in the world of culinary delights!

And here is the second one. We made it to lure in the target demographic of "football people," and we thought that folks who were watching the Super Bowl would appreciate watching some football content. We hope that you enjoy it and think that it is good!

A sincere thank you to MR. HEEDLE for letting us use his living room to record video inside of.

We hope you like them! If you do, stop by and pay Edson a visit! If this doesn't make the bozos in Goodland jealous, nothing will.



P.S. We are sorry for using the theme song to "My Brother & Me." If you are either My Brother or Me please reply to this email and we will say sorry again to you.