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NFC Wild Card 2012: Looking At The Giants Offensive Game Plan Vs. Falcons

The New York Giants will host the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Wild Card game this weekend and we'll be seeing a Giants team that's been relying more on the pass rather than the run this weekend. The Giants have had some injuries, yes, but they still haven't run the ball as much as they did last year.

The Giants are 22nd in rushing attempts this year versus seventh last year. They're sixth in the league in passing attempts. Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was asked about the Giants lack of a running game this season.

I am disappointed that the running game wasn't better and I expected it to be better than it was and for whatever the reason is it has not been. We have gotten better and that gives a little bit of a chance to make the defense play honest. We think we can throw the ball pretty well.

They can throw it well, that's for sure. And so do the Falcons -- they're fourth in the NFL in passing attempts. So both teams can play a pass-happy type of game.

Why I like the Giants in a scenario like that is they have a terrific defensive line that can create pressure without a lot of help. That's key to beating a team that passes the ball a lot. If they beat the Falcons, they'll face more teams that pass the ball a lot like the Packers and Saints.

It's going to be interesting to see how the Giants offensive game plan looks this weekend. Do they continue on with the same pace they have all season? Or do they become more conservative with more on the line?

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