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Tim Tebow, Josh McDaniels Will Meet Again In Broncos-Patriots AFC Divisional Round Matchup

The Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night thanks to, who else, Tim Tebow and his 80-yard game-winner to Demaryius Thomas. The Tebow show has become appointment viewing and that was the case on Sunday night in one of the biggest playoffs upsets we've seen.

While the Broncos celebrated on Sunday night, they'll need to get back to work on Monday morning because the New England Patriots, their divisional round opponent, are very, very familiar with Tebow and how he operates. Specifically, Josh McDaniels is familiar with Tebow.

And McDaniels is now a member of the Patriots again. McDaniels, of course, drafted Tebow (and Thomas for that matter) when he was the head coach of the Broncos.

About about three minutes after Tebow hit Thomas for the game-winner, the Patriots issued a press release confirming that McDaniels would be returning to New England.

Nice timing. Think it was an coincidence? Me neither.

McDaniels has the title of offensive assistant and in 2012 he'll take over as offensive coordinator. But after the Rams season ended on Jan. 1, St. Louis let him out of his contract, he inked a deal with the Pats and now, as we await the AFC Divisional round playoffs, McDaniels is working for the Patriots, again.

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