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RGIII called his own plays after headset went out

Robert Griffin III's headset stopped working late against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, meaning he had to call some of his own plays as the Washington Redskins moved the ball for a game-winning score on their final drive.

Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Robert Griffin III had to fend off both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and faulty technology as he led the Washington Redskins on a game-winning drive in a 24-22 victory despite a malfunctioning headset preventing him from hearing play calls.

The rookie was forced to call some of his team's plays as the Redskins went 56 yards in 1:39 to set up Billy Cundiff's 41-yard field goal. Griffin described the scenario -- and the practice that prepared him for it -- in his post-game press conference.

The whole drive was a little complicated. In practice, every week, we always practice me calling the plays in two-minute acting as if the headset goes out. The funny thing is the headset did go out on that drive. That's why I was having to run back and forth from the sideline. I had to call a couple of my own plays. And we moved the chains and got in field goal range. It was very neat how that practice situation, that practice scenario, actually played out in the game. Obviously you don't want that to happen, but it's pretty cool.

Griffin's poise with the game on the line would have been impressive enough for a rookie quarterback trailing on the road regardless of the broken headset. That he was on his own and executed so well in the game will just make Washington fans swoon even more for their new franchise quarterback.

Here's video of Griffin discussing the scenario, as well as interactions with his teammates and coaches as they waited on the decisive kick: