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Calvin Johnson says he played through a concussion vs. Vikings

Calvin Johnson says Chad Greenway's hit on Sept. 30 did give him a concussion even though the receiver continued to play.

Frederick Breedon - Getty Images

After taking a vicious hit from Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway on Sept. 30, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson was given and passed a concussion test, but the wideout revealed Thursday that he believes he did indeed suffer a concussion because of the hit.

In talking with 97.1 The Ticket in Michigan, the Lions star receiver admitted that he felt he did sustain a concussion, but continued to play. In talks with reports at practice Thursday, the receiver did not back down from his earlier comments, and revealed it was clear to him that he had suffered the dangerous brain injury despite passing tests.

"Yeah, you could tell. It was obvious," Johnson told reporters. "I said exactly what I meant, but I guess you could take it out of context. What I meant when I said you have to keep going is you can't be afraid to go over the middle. Not that you get concussed you have to keep playing."

Lions coach Jim Schwartz disagreed, saying the team's evaluation proved he was not concussed on the play.

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