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DeMarco Murray injury: X-rays negative on injured foot

Running back's injury not as bad as first though

Layne Murdoch - Getty Images

DeMarco Murray left Sunday's game shortly after the start of the second half when the Dallas Cowboys' running back tested an injured foot on one carry, then quickly left the game, unable to return.

Luckily for the Cowboys the injury isn't serious, as CBS Sports report that Murray suffered a foot strain, and does not have a fracture. While Felix Jones performed well in Murray's absence, the lack of a second running back to effectively spell him with may have been the difference in the Cowboys' close loss.

Sunday was the best game of DeMarco Murray's 2012 season as he carried the ball 14 times for 93 yards, an impressive 6.6 yards per carry. There is no word on the seriousness of his foot strain at this time. These injuries can range anywhere from a missed practice or two, or lasting several games depending on their severity. Either way, Jason Garrett's life is a lot easier with Murray on the field, and a broken foot would have derailed their year.