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Kevin Kolb injury: Cardinals quarterback out of game following run

Kevin Kolb had been running the ball well, but on one run he was taken out of the game

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Arizona Caridnals quarterback Kevin Kolb went down following a run, and has left the game against the Buffalo Bills.

Up to that point he had been running the ball effectively, and picking his spots well. When he left the game Kolb has totaled 67 yards on four carries. The Cardinals' QB didn't have happy feet in the pocket, rather running as a last resort. However, on one play he went to the ground early, but just a fraction too late as he was met by two defenders, sandwiched, and crumpled to the ground. After being looked at for several minutes by trainers Kolb left the field, turning the ball back to John Skelton who won the starting job out of training camp.

Skelton does not have the mobility Kolb has, and that is impacted further by an ankle injury he sustained in the season opener against the Seattle Seahawks. It was that injury that led to Kolb getting another shot at leading the Cardinals. Now, late in the game against the Bills it's John Skelton who is asked once again to quarterback Arizona.