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NFL power rankings, Week 7: Falcons claim top spot; Seahawks slide into top 10

The top five sees a shake up after a couple of key losses in Week 6.

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Another week, another new No. 1 in SB Nation's NFL power rankings. Week 6 brought us one of two previously unbeaten teams going down, leaving the Atlanta Falcons as the only team still chasing perfection. The Falcons are on the bye this week so they very well could remain at the top for at least another week.

The Falcons aren't the only story in the NFL this week though. The Ravens won their game but lost big with a couple of injuries. The Giants are back in the top five where they belong and the Seahawks are this week's surprise top 10 team. Oh, and there's a new No. 32 and they reside in Kansas City.

SB Nation's Week 7 NFL power rankings:

1. Atlanta Falcons (LW: 2, 6-0): This is a somewhat shaky 6-0 team. You can make the argument fairly easily that they should have lost their last three games. That said, they keep on winning. Good teams always find a way to win. Bad teams find a way to lose. The Falcons are the class of the NFC right now.

2. Baltimore Ravens (LW: 4, 5-1): They move up this week but their longterm outlook has taken a hit. Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb are both out for the season. Combine that with Terrell Suggs not playing yet this year and I wonder if that will be too much even for the Ravens' defense. We'll find out quickly -- at Houston next week.

3. Houston Texans (LW: 1, 5-1): Sometimes you meet Aaron Rodgers at the exact wrong time and he throws six touchdowns on you.

4. New York Giants (LW: 11, 4-2): They were 11th last week, which was too low. This ranking should fix that a little bit.

5. Chicago Bears (LW: 5, 4-1): 41-3. Bears win the bye week watching other top five teams fall.

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6. San Francisco 49ers (LW: 3, 4-2): They'll be fine with three NFC West games coming up.

7. Green Bay Packers (LW: 12, 3-3): We all know they looked better than any normal .500 team on Sunday night against the Texans. This isn't too high for them.

8. Seattle Seahawks (LW: 15, 4-2): My head tells me they should be lower but with wins over the Packers and Patriots this is an acceptable spot for them.

9. New England Patriots (LW: 6, 3-3): Ah, the Patriots. This ranking will probably anger some people who think they should be ranked lower. Where would you put them?

10. Minnesota Vikings (LW: 7, 4-2): The Vikings' three-game winning streak is over. But they got RGIII'd so you can't blame them too much for that loss.

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11. Denver Broncos (LW: 19, 3-3): 35 unanswered points is impressive. Really impressive.

12. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 10, 3-3): I'm lost on the Eagles. They've lost three of four but I keep thinking they're better than that. I had no idea that offense would be so bad. How long should they be?

13. Washington Redskins (LW: 18, 3-3): If the Redskins win nine games and make it into the playoffs I do not want to be the team that faces them in the Wild Card game. RGIII can take over games.

14. San Diego Chargers (LW: 14, 3-3): They looked good for one half. That counts for something, right?

15. Arizona Cardinals (LW: 9, 4-2): So, the Cards aren't for real? That's two losses in a row after the 4-0 start. The NFC West is suddenly super competitive.

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16. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 8, 2-3): The Raiders and Titans have three combined wins. Two of those come courtesy of Pittsburgh.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 13, 3-3): The game of the year for Cincinnati is coming up on Sunday. They'll host the Steelers, possibly moving two games ahead of Pittsburgh if they can get a win.

18. New York Jets (LW: 22, 3-3): They're beating the teams that they should (Bills, Dolphins, Colts) and losing to the teams they should (Steelers, 49ers, Texans). Seems easy enough.

19. Miami Dolphins (LW: 26, 3-3): OK, Dolphins fans, you got me last week. I screwed you over with the No. 26 ranking. Two of Miami's three losses come in overtime. Could you imagine if they were 5-1 right now?

20. Buffalo Bills (LW: 24, 3-3): Sunday's game against the Titans is nearing must-win territory with road games coming up against the Texans and Patriots.

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21. Detroit Lions (LW: 21, 2-3): A win in Chicago would cure a lot of their problems.

22. Dallas Cowboys (LW: 16, 2-3): What do the Cowboys do well?

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 23, 2-3): Everyone blows the Chiefs out.

24. Indianapolis Colts (LW: 17, 2-3): Watch out now, the Colts could make a run here. Their next four: Browns, at Titans, Dolphins, at Jaguars.

25. St. Louis Rams (LW: 20. 3-3): Back to .500. The over .500 party can only last so long.

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26. Tennessee Titans (LW: 32, 2-4): The Titans' early season schedule was brutal. They finally got something going their way this week with a win over the Steelers on Thursday.

27. New Orleans Saints (LW: 25, 1-4): The Saints were on the bye but the bounty investigation kept them in the news.

28. Carolina Panthers (LW: 27, 1-4): The schedule lets up a little bit if you consider games against Dallas, at Chicago and at Washington as "letting up."

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 29, 1-4): Gonna be a long year for the Jags.

30. Cleveland Browns (LW: 31, 1-5): The Browns are on the board. That's win No. 1 of the season.

31. Oakland Raiders (LW: 30, 1-4): I still don't know what they're good at.

32. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 28, 1-5): The Chiefs get the honor this week as the NFL's worst team. Four of their five losses come by at least two touchdowns. So, yeah.

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