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Browns sale to Jimmy Haslam approved by NFL owners

Jimmy Haslam will be the new owner of the Cleveland Browns.

Eric P. Mull-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

NFL owners have voted unanimously, 32-0, to approve Jimmy Haslam as the new owner of the Cleveland Browns, according to Ryan Van Bibber. He only needed 24 votes, and there was little doubt that the deal would be approved. Haslam originally agreed to buy the team on Aug. 2 for roughly $1 billion.

Many NFL owners knew Haslam prior to the sale, and he seems to be universally respected. Said Steelers owner Art Rooney, "He'll be a great owner, but I wish he wasn't buying a team in our division."

Patriots owner Bob Kraft is also an admirer of Haslam:

"I had a chance to speak to him right before he bought it and I told him it was one of the league's great franchises," said Kraft. "He reminded me a little of myself coming in because he's so passionate and enthusiastic. I know how badly he wants that team to win, and that will become his principal focus."