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Phil Costa injury: X-rays negative on center's ankle

The Cowboys get some good news as it turns out Phil Costa's injury is not as bad as feared.

Christian Petersen

Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa left Sunday's game with an ankle injury and was carted off with an aircast on his right leg. Latest updates from Carolina indicate that X-rays were negative, and that the injury is now believed to be a severe sprain or a dislocation.

If the injury is deemed to be a sprain, it's one that traditionally results in a player missing 2-3 weeks; a dislocation, however, can be far worse, with players being absent for as many as 6-8 weeks. There have been no further updates at this time, and it's likely more information wont be released until post-game, or possibly Monday.

In his absence, Ryan Cook has been the starting center, and with the exception of a few bad snaps, has been playing well for the Cowboys. The former Miami Dolphin was traded for in the off-season to help solidify the interior line, and with Costa's injury, it appears to have been a wise decision.