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Trent Richardson injury: Browns running back admits being limited Sunday

The Cleveland Browns' rookie running back played through an injury Sunday, and admitted, after a subpar game, that it was affecting him.


Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson was ineffective Sunday, rushing for only eight yards, while trying to play through an injury. When he didn't play in the second half, many questioned whether he re-injured his ribcage, but Browns head coach Pat Shurmur revealed that, in fact, Richardson was simply benched because it was clear he wasn't nearly at full strength to begin with.

Richardson told FOX Sports Ohio's Pat McManamon after the game that, among other things, outsiders didn't realize how bad the injury is. Here are some key quotes. Click through the above link for Richardson's full comments:

(How bad was the injury and how much did it limit you?) "The injury was pretty bad. I guess it limited me a lot. ... I sat down so ... It just hurt me inside not being out there."
(Were you trying to get back in?) "Oh yeah, most definitely. I didn't want to come out. Pat knows what's best. He made his decision. I think he made a great decision. That's something I got to deal with."
(Did you get hit in the ribs?) "No. I guess coach didn't feel like I was active like I usually (am). That's something I got to swallow. It's a process trying to get back. The injury I have is much bigger than folks think it is and I don't want to do anything to hurt the team."

Richardson finished the game with eight yards on eight carries and two receptions for 11 yards. Montario Hardesty replaced him in the second half and fared better, though only marginally. The Browns host the Chargers next Sunday at 1 p.m., and how Richardson does this week will depend on his availability for that game.