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Michael Vick says Andy Reid is considering a change at quarterback

Andy Reid says Michael Vick is considering a change at head coach.

Patrick McDermott

According to Adam Schefter, Michael Vick says that Eagles head coach Andy Reid is considering a change at quarterback. However, maybe Vick will get lucky and the 3-4 Eagles will let go of Reid before he can make his final decision.

The Eagles lost to the Falcons by a score of 30-17 on Sunday, but Vick actually managed to go a full game without turning it over. The controversial quarterback came into the game with eight interceptions and nine fumbles in six games, but was 21-of-35 for 177 yards, 1 TD and 0 INT against Atlanta. Still, the Eagles lost and Reid is probably worried that he'll lose his job before he ever gets a chance to bench Vick.

It's every coaches dream to get to bench Vick at least once in his career, and then when he hits the job market after the season Reid can tell general managers that he once benched Michael Vick. Rookie backup Nick Foles has not thrown a pass yet in his NFL career, but he'll definitely be the one to turn around their season if called upon.