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Michael Vick: 'I'm going to fight until ... he takes me out of the game'

The Philadelphia Eagles are in trouble and Michael Vick could be the next to lose his job.

Rob Carr

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick acknowledged that his head coach, Andy Reid, might be ready to make a change under center. The veteran quarterback sounded resigned to his fate after the game when he told Rueben Frank of CSN Philadelphia that he would do all he could until Reid gave him the hook.

"It's tough when you know everything is up in the balance, but that's the decision that coach is thinking about making, and I'm going to fight until he says, 'Come on out,' and he takes me out of the game. Despite everything that's been said the last couple weeks, I still continue to put in the hard work and the effort and try to do everything I can to prepare and win football games, man. I can't do it by myself. I would love to stay in there and finish what I started. It would mean the world to me. But, hey, that's not my decision right now."

Vick has had his struggles this season, with eight interceptions and nine fumbles, but he did not turn the ball over in a 30-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Philadelphia is 3-4 with the loss and growing increasingly desperate. Reid fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo earlier this month. The defense was mostly powerless against Matt Ryan and the Falcons under new coordinator Todd Bowles this week.