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Asante Samuel slams Andy Reid, 'they got a lot of issues over there'

The Philadelphia Eagles are a mess, just ask former Eagle Asante Samuel.

Rich Schultz

Cornerback Asante Samuel spent four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles before being traded to the Falcons during the offseason. Samuel had a few choice words for Andy Reid following Atlanta's 30-17 win on Sunday, piling on the embattled coach.

Samuel also expounded on the main difference between the Falcons and the Eagles. "Coaching. And we run the ball." SB Nation Philadelphia has more on the incident, with video.

The Falcons corner said that he tried to talk to Reid after the game, but his old coach gave him the cold shoulder.

He wasn't the only one picking up bad vibes from the Eagles either. Tight end Tony Gonzalez said after the game that he spoke with several Philly players, telling the media that "they said something's going to go down here."

The Eagles are 3-4, and with a Giants win in Dallas on Sunday, they are now three games behind New York in the NFC East. There was already speculation after the game that Reid could make a change at quarterback, as reported by Michael Vick himself. This comes less than two weeks after the Eagles fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, replacing him with Todd Bowles.