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Eagles have yet to reach decision on Michael Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to replace Michael Vick, according to a report.

Rob Carr

The Philadelphia Eagles are likely to replace quarterback Michael Vick with backup Nick Foles for the team's Week 9 matchup against the New Orleans Saints, according to multiple reports. No decision has been made as of Monday morning.

Howard Eskin of FOX 29 in Philadelphia reported that head coach Andy Reid met with his coaches following Sunday's loss against the Atlanta Falcons to discuss the quarterback situation. Citing a source close to the team, Eskin was informed that Vick was going to be replaced as the starter. Reid was expected to meet with his staff again on Monday, but the team was forced to close their facility due to Hurricane Sandy.

According to Eskin, Vick made two ill-advised audible calls against the Falcons, which is something that has consistently occurred throughout the season. Reid is leaning toward the change because of these kinds of issues and Vick's inability to improve.

Through seven games this season, Vick has completed 59 percent of his passes while recording 1,823 yards, nine touchdowns and eight interceptions.