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Matt Cassel injury: Chiefs QB knocked out by Haloti Ngata

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel was knocked out of the game against the Baltimore Ravens on a hit by Haloti Ngata.

Not too much is going right for the Chiefs these days, and as they trail the Ravens, 9-6, in Kansas City on Sunday, with their starting quarterback headed to the sidelines.

Matt Cassel was drilled by Pro Bowl defensive end Haloti Ngata while dropping back for a pass, and may have lost his senses for a moment:


Backup quarterback Brady Quinn has entered the game, and John Clayton is reporting that Cassel has a head injury.

The Ravens defense has been harassing Cassel all day long, and Quinn will be fighting an uphill battle to try and get that offense jump-started.

The Chiefs have managed over 300 yards of offense so far, but have not yet been able to put the ball into the end zone.

Jamaal Charles has 30 carries for 140 yards, and could very well end up with over 40 touches with Cassel out of the game.

Time of possession is heavily favoring Kansas City, with over 34 minutes of offense versus just 22 minutes for Baltimore.

Stay tuned for more updates as we learn them.