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Browns vs Giants: Brandon Weeden just can't get a break

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden caught his own pass on the play of the day. Too bad it didn't count.

Alex Trautwig - Getty Images

Brandon Weeden's heroics have no place in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns quarterback had a pass deflected into the air on third-and-5 in the fourth quarter of a Week 5 game against the New York Giants. It shot up toward the sky, and old man rookie caught it on the way down. He rolled out to his right side and threw a second-chance pass to Jordan Cameron in the end zone.


But it was not a touchdown. It was a five-yard illegal forward pass penalty. Repeat third down.

The resulting play ended the only way it possibly could for Cleveland: Weeden had his pass intercepted. The Giants are driving with a 34-20 lead.

The NFL does not allow a quarterback to make a second forward pass after making a first one on the same play. Too bad, since that would open the league to all kinds of Globetrotter-esque shenanigans.