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Broncos vs. Patriots: Von Miller sacks Tom Brady on third down

Von Miller took a roundabout path, but he nailed Tom Brady to stall the Patriots' first drive of the second half.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Tom Brady has picked the Denver Broncos' defense apart in the first half of the Brady-Manning Bowl, but Von Miller wasn't going to let that go for too long. Brady took a little too long to let go of the ball, and Miller's blazing speed let him literally run circles around the quarterback before bringing him down.


Also, it bears repeating that no one does a sack dance like Von Miller does a sack dance. I hope he inspires legions of pee wee football defenders to emulate him for a generation.

Still, the Pats lead 17-7 over Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Brady has gone 17-22 for 165 yards and a touchdown.