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Titans vs Vikings: Percy Harvin shimmies for another touchdown

Percy Harvin wanted for questioning after breaking so many ankles on touchdown catch-and-run.

Adam Bettcher - Getty Images

Is Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin "the best player in the NFL," like linebacker Chad Greenway proposes? It is becoming harder and harder to argue that he is not the most gifted skill player, at the very least. Harvin has already run for a Vikings touchdown today and his second score of the contest was even more impressive as you can practically hear the "Whoop! Whoop!" in GIF form.


Harvin shimmied around no less than five Titans defenders to score and that's cool even if five Titans defensive players is the equivalent of only two actual NFL defensive players. Minnesota is now in a "run out the clock" situation before reaching a 4-1 record on the year.