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Chargers vs. Saints: Drew Brees hops to see over offensive line prior to pass

Drew Brees is forced to hop to see over his offensive line to complete a pass against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday Night football.

Harry How - Getty Images

Drew Brees is having himself a pretty tough game. He's broken a record and thrown a couple touchdown passes, sure. But he also had a Devery Henderson pass deflected into the open arms of Quentin Jammer and his team is nearing an 0-5 start as they trail the San Diego Chargers, 24-14, late in the third quarter on Sunday Night Football.

Plus he's short, at just 6-feet tall. Now, this isn't a new revelation by any means, as it was correctly observed by scouts prior to him entering the league 12 years ago. Since that point there's only ever been one solution to his problem: hopping. And on Sunday night, he did exactly that.


Now, what's happening here is Brees is looking for wide receiver Marques Colston, and his offensive line is, how you say, gigantic. So while stepping up in the pocket, Brees takes a little bit of a hop to see over the veritable man mountains who are trying to protect him, to be sure he's got his man open.

Given that Brees has one of the quickest releases in the NFL, one has to figure that adding in the hop is a natural thing that he's added over the years, as he can afford to take that quick second before firing off a strike. Or maybe he's just got a really bad wedgie, who knows?