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Aqib Talib trade isn't great timing for Bucs secondary

The Buccaneers dealt their top corner to the Patriots on Thursday, and it came as the team pushes for a playoff spot.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded cornerback Aqib Talib to the New England Patriots on Thursday. While the Bucs are happy to be rid of a troubling player, Talib was the team's top cornerback and now leaves a hole in the secondary. Tampa Bay received a 2013 fourth-round pick for the defensive back, while also sending a seventh-rounder to New England.

Sanders Philipse of Buccaneers blog Bucs Nation is satisfied with the trade overall, but believes it will have a negative impact on Tampa Bay's playoff hopes this season:

For the Bucs, getting a fourth-round pick for seven games worth of a troubled player looks like a good deal. Of course, giving up your best cornerback when you're still in the hunt for the playoffs for just a fourth-round pick may not be the smartest move, especially so when your depth at the position is abysmal.

Talib is in his fifth season as a pro, and played 58 games with the Bucs. In that time, he recorded 183 tackles and 18 interceptions. He has been out of the lineup as Tampa Bay has won two of their last three games to improve their record to 3-4. Talib was suspended four games for violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy on October 13.

Tampa Bay will play their first game without Talib on the roster this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.