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Ravens run fake FG on Raiders, because Harbaughs are Harbaughs

John Harbaugh doesn't care how many points his team scores. He just wants to make you pay.


The Harbaughs are not known for their generosity or showmanship. Both Jim and John are concerned about winning, and that is really all they seem to care about when they're coaching on the field. They don't care about antiquated rules of "class" and "that's how the game is supposed to be played," and while it might irk some people (see: fans of other teams), it's completely fine with me.

You see, I am used to watching my coaches punt on 4th and 1 or mismanage the clock or take knees or run three times then punt to try and "flip the field" and play the "field position battle." I don't get to see my team score 40 points in a game or stomp on another team's dreams.

I'm the boy with the G.I. Joe and the Harbaughs are the older brothers who break off the arms, slingshot the head into the woods and explode the torso with an M-80. I'm sure it is fun for them. They seem to like it.

So here is John Harbaugh calling for a fake FG for a touchdown with the Ravens already up, 41-17, on the Oakland Raiders.


Good for him.

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