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Ravens vs Raiders: Baltimore offense breaks franchise record

Asterisk: Raiders

Rob Carr

The 2005 and 2009 Baltimore Ravens might want to put an asterisk on the 2012 Ravens record mark of points scored in a single game. Does anything count if you do it against the Raiders right now?

A week after getting Doug Martin-ized and allowing 42 points to the Buccaneers, Oakland is up to the same tricks today against Baltimore and this performance might be worse than the one they put up against Tampa. The Ravens tied their record mark of 48 in the middle of the third quarter on a fake field goal, and then broke it with 12:34 left in the game on a Jacoby Jones kickoff return.

Good to see that the special teams wants to get in on the "allowing all of the points" action.

Joe Flacco has four touchdowns today and punter Sam Koch has one. That gives Koch almost more rushing touchdowns that the Raiders have scored all season: 3.