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Broncos vs. Panthers: Von Miller having mammoth day in Carolina, and loves to dance

The 2011 defensive rookie of the year is having a field day.

Justin Edmonds

It has been a long time since the NFL has seen a linebacker single-handedly change the game in the manner Von Miller does week in and week out. Today against the Carolina Panthers, he's done more than change the game; he's broken the Panthers down.

Through three quarters, Miller has six tackles (four for a loss), one sack, two forced fumbles, and another play where he hit Cam Newton at a critical moment, resulting in a pick-six. In terms of plays that wont show up on a box score, the 2011 defensive rookie of the year has been pressuring Newton all day, and the Carolina Panthers offensive line has no answer.

Miller's dominance goes beyond today's contest against a two-win team, as he has been dismantling teams over the past month. Not including today's game, dating back to week five against New England, Miller has 18 tackles, 6 sacks and a forced fumble; today's dominance will add to that. Denver made a bold move in choosing a 3-4 outside linebacker and putting him in a 4-3, but it has worked better than even they could have imagined.

All this, and the man really knows how to shake it; this from a safety moments ago: