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Pete Carroll definitely happy that Mark Sanchez went to the NFL now

If Handsome Mark didn't leave early, he probably wouldn't have given Carroll's team these extra opportunities.

Patrick Smith

When Pete Carroll famously said that Mark Sanchez was not ready to enter the NFL, there was no way that he could have known that this day would come. I'm sure that he would driven Sanchez to the NFL Draft Train Station himself if he had known that Mark would be gifting his Seattle Seahawks all day long.

Sanchez already threw an interception to Richard Sherman earlier in the game at the goal-line, but that wouldn't be enough for him to really give back to his old coach at USC.

With the Jets down 21-7 and driving, Sanchez knew he'd have to think fast if he was going to have multiple turnovers in this game. That's when Sherman strikes again with a sack on the edge, and Sanchez took the opportunity to try to throw to nobody in particular and lose control of the ball:


Carroll may have said this week that he was wrong about Sanchez. Now we know why he's so happy to see him on the Jets.