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Jets vs. Seahawks: Golden Tate throws a hilarious touchdown to Sidney Rice

Golden Tate has already caught a touchdown pass in the Seahawks-Jets game, and now he's the second player in the game to throw one.


Russell Wilson threw a touchdown pass to Golden Tate in the first quarter, and in the fourth quarter, a different person in the game between the Seattle Seahawks' game against the New York Jets has thrown a touchdown, and it wasn't Mark Sanchez. Don't get too excited, Tebow Nation, because it wasn't your boy Timmy either. No, it was celebrated quarterback donut thief wide receiver Golden Tate!


Getting a grip on the laces isn't easy with wide receiver gloves, hence the awkward set-up, but once that ball left Tate's hands, it was a perfect spiral and right on the money to Sidney Rice. It's the second pass, and second touchdown Rice, has caught in this game.