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Cowboys vs. Eagles: Dallas score 21 points in two minutes

The Cowboys have put a stranglehold on this one.


Brandon Carr intercepting Nick Foles for a touchdown would be a neat story in itself, but when you realize that the Cowboys have now scored 21 unanswered points in a little over two minutes, well that's on another level.

With four seconds remaining in the third quarter, Tony Romo, who has been near-perfect, found Dez Bryant on a 49-yard touchdown. The play was slightly controversial as the announce team believed Bryant lost control of the ball as he was rolling into the end zone. At that point the score became tied at 17-17.

In the next drive the Eagles went three-and-out, unable to move the chains with Nick Foles at quarterback and they punted. With the power of some good blocking, and a little bit of luck Dwayne Harris returned the ball 78 yards for a touchdown. The score was now 24-17.

The Cowboys kicked off, the Eagles were a little shocked-- and then it happened. Dropping back Foles threw poorly, and a tipped pass resulted in a Brandon Carr pick-six to take the score to 31-17.

21 points in just two minutes, twenty-nine seconds.