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Mark Sanchez is worse at throwing footballs than the Rams punter

Mark Sanchez should try punting, maybe?

Rick Stewart

Making fun of Mark Sanchez is like shooting fish in a barrel, so wont you come shooting with me? In a 21-point loss to the Seattle Seahawks today, Sanchez finished with a quarterback rating of 40.7. That rating is worse that Johnny Hekker-- who is the punter for the St. Louis Rams.

It's a strange turn of events to be sure, but completing just nine passes against the Seahawks he looked utterly lost. New York tried to turn to Tim Tebow, who completed a perfect 3/3! That's something right?! Okay... they went for eight yards... total. It's hard out there for a Jets' quarterback.

What's not hard is being the St. Louis Rams' punter! Johnny Hekker got to transcend his position, one so often maligned as being the unathletic outsider of the football team, head coach Jeff Fisher loves to give his QB opportunities to separate himself from the chaff. Converting two fake punts, for two completed passes and forty yards-- a QB rating of 118.8 was his reward; something the Jets can only dream of.