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Texans vs. Bears: Jay Cutler hit hard

Jay Cutler took a big hit in the second quarter, but it didn't faze the Bears quarterback (initially).

Jonathan Daniel

Jay Cutler takes a licking and keeps on ticking. He's the Chicago Bears' very own Timex watch ... also, he's a quarterback, and one that's a little tougher than he gets credit for being. Take, for instance, this shot delivered on Cutler from Houston linebacker Tim Dobbins.


That's actually an illegal forward pass, and Cutler got flagged for it when he crossed the line of scrimmage. Dobbins got a penalty too, for unnecessary roughness, obviously. The two penalties offset each other, and it was still third-and-9 when Cutler then ran for the first down, capping it off with a head-first dive on the play.

Tough is all well and good, but Cutler could really use some better numbers in the passing game on Sunday night. He has two picks and no touchdowns in a game that the Texans lead 10-3.

You have a feeling if this were smoking Jay Cutler, he'd need a cigarette.