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Cowboys vs. Eagles, week 10: Philly season continues downward spiral, blog reacts

Bleeding Green Nation is coming to grips with how bad this team has played of late and the inevitable end to the Andy Reid era in Philly.


The tone in the writing seems somber, ill, out of breath. Bleeding Green Nation continues to bleed for their Philadelphia Eagles but the bloodshed is coming at a price. After watching their Eagles lose 38-23 to the rival Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, it seemed like everything was coming to an end.

"With the loss the Eagles fall to 3-6 and into the basement of the NFC East. It marks the team's 5th straight loss, the first time they've ever lost five in a row during the Andy Reid era."

Michael Vick was knocked out of the game in the second quarter with a concussion. His exit led to Nick Foles taking his place - amid a standing ovation from the crowd. Foles showed a little promise and even threw a touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin.

But Foles leading the offense didn't change how poorly the team played on defense. A 17-10 Eagles lead evaporated in record time.

"Then, Dallas scored three straight TDs in 2:35 seconds."

Well, there goes the lead.

"And that's really been very typical of the Eagles season so far. How many games have been completely upended by bonehead mistakes, big turnovers or generally just inexplicable play? Too many is the answer and ultimately those disasters will likely lead to the end of the Andy Reid era here in Philadelphia. They even missed an extra point in this game. It really has become a farce."

The playoffs, a winning season, all of the hopes and dreams of the Eagles heading into the season seem to have fallen by the waste side of a 3-6 team that isn't all that good. Andy Reid could be done as coach and Vick could be gone as quarterback. One thing is for certain, they lost to the Cowboys and that's never a good thing.

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