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NFL says Bears 'properly handled' Jay Cutler's concussion

The NFL has cleared the Chicago Bears of any wrongdoing regarding the handling of quarterback Jay Cutler's concussion on Sunday against the Houston Texans.

Jonathan Daniel

On Sunday, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler took a huge hit from Houston Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins, but he stayed in the game and finished out the quarter before being ruled out for the final two quarters at halftime.

According to the Sun Times, the NFL has said that the Bears handled what is now confirmed as a concussion the proper way.

"Our office reviewed it with the [Bears] medical staff and it was properly handled," said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. "The team followed the correct protocol."

It's standard practice for the league to review how a team handled any significant injury, especially concussions. It's unclear if the concussion actually occurred on the huge hit, it just seems to be the most likely of suspects. This could mean that Cutler wasn't showing any signs of a concussion from the hit until halftime, or it could mean that he was injured on a later play that wasn't quite as highlight-worthy.

A similar situation occurred with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith on Sunday. He took a big hit by a St. Louis Rams player, but came back for a few plays before being ruled out with a concussion. According to the team, Smith suffered the concussion not on the big hit, but on an uneventful quarterback sneak later on in the quarter.

The league is still reviewing the hit on Cutler from Dobbins, as it could require disciplinary measures, generally a fine.