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NFL watchability index, Week 11: Avoid a dreary Sunday in Dallas

There are 13 NFL games left to play this week. Which of those games deserve your attention?

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Now that Thursday Night Football is out of the way, there are 13 more NFL games for Week 11. Many of them are even worth watching. Dive in and take a look at our weekly rankings for which games most deserve your eyeballs this week.

But first Matt Ufford's Watchability Index for Week 11:

1. Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots

Tom Brady and the Patriots overpower the Colts with 40-ish points, despite allowing Andrew Luck et al to score 35 points of their own. That's the most obvious scenario for this one. The rookie quarterback, despite a pretty shaky supporting cast, has four game-winning drives this season, including a big upset over the Packers. Can it happen again?

2. Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco 49ers

Battle of the concussed quarterbacks! Alex Smith has been cleared, and will likely play in Monday's NFC showdown. Jay Cutler might not, his status still to be determined. More surprising than the battered quarterbacks was this week's revelation that Jim Harbaugh in fact does have a heart, albeit one with an irregular rhythm. Chicago needs a win to stay ahead of the Packers in the division. A 49ers win would put them ahead of the Bears for the second spot in the divisional playoff standings.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

I'm so excited to see Byron Leftwich, you guys. In case you already purged Monday night memories, the Steelers needed overtime to beat the Chiefs (the Chiefs!) without Ben Roethlisberger. So it should be a blow out, right? Not so fast. Injuries to Baltimore's defense have left the unit looking positively human. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is mroe than capable of playing like a backup at times, so this game could be on a more level playing field than it looks like.

4. Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

A Green Bay win and a Chicago loss puts the Packers on top in the NFC North. Remember when we thought the Lions were going to contend for the division too? Nope, me neither.

5. Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins

Remember that weird kid in fifth grade who kept talking about some gross VHS tape that phony visages of people dying? The Eagles are officially in that territory where you watch just to see if the team will implode. Disaster porn. The Washington Redskins at least have RGIII to make things interesting. Let's go ahead and admit, while we're here, that the NFL is a better place when RGIII's playing.

6. San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos

Denver is riding a four-game win streak, including two straight wins on the road over the last two weeks. Fortunes have differed for the Chargers, and Norv Turner is not making his annual quest for .500 and the job security that confers in San Diego. Norv Turner needs another job, desperately. Might I suggest tour guide?


7. New York Jets vs. St. Louis Rams

It's quite possible that there will be more penalties than points in this game. Rex Ryan is utterly confused about what exactly Tebow time is. He is getting an extra hour of sleep out of it, which is the only thing that can explain why he hasn't had a public breakdown to date.

8. Arizona Cardinals vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Cardinals defense can be good, sometimes. If that's the case this week, Falcons fans better hope the game doesn't come down to Mike Smith and a fourth down.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers

Don't look now, but the Buccaneers are kinda good, at least when it comes to scoring points. Cam Newton and the Panthers used to be pretty good at that, too.


10. Cleveland Browns vs. Dallas Cowboys

Two owners with the slickest talking accents in the NFL, the similarities between these two teams don't stop there. The Cowboys have turned into a slightly more mediocre version of the Browns, a condition also known as being the Chargers. Watch this game because Cleveland just might surprise you.

11. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

I tried four different witty statements in this spot. It's just too sad, too easy to pick at the corpse that is the Chiefs these days. Enjoy "Red Friday," my friends, because on Monday, all you'll get is Romeo Crennel explaining why Jamaal Charles only touched the ball five times.

12. New Orleans Saints vs. Oakland Raiders

The Saints will win. You and I will be forced into another week of heighten speculation about professional interim coach Joe Vitt stumbling into the playoffs. Games against the 49ers, Falcons and Giants will squelch that talk soon enough.


13. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans

And now comes the weekly moment where we must acknowledge the Jaguars. Done. The question I have, is how the Texans managed to get this schedule.