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Packers vs Lions: Randall Cobb highlight catch makes case as 'Play of the Day'

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The play was nice but the situation makes it amazing.

Gregory Shamus

It's been a strange day for the Green Bay Packers, struggling to score points against the Lions in Detroit and failing to take advantage of multiple Matthew Stafford turnovers. After holding Detroit to a field goal late in the fourth quarter, the score was still only 20-14 and the Lions made the mistake of giving Aaron Rodgers a chance.

At the two minute warning, Rodgers was able to find Randall Cobb for the go-ahead touchdown:


The Lions were unable to mount a comeback after going four-and-out on their ensuing possession. The loss drops Detroit to 4-6 and brings the Packers to 7-3 with five straight wins. Had Cobb not made the spectacular catch, it possible would have brought the Lions to within one game of the Packers instead of three games back, making it nearly impossible for Detroit to pass Green Bay in the standings this year.

With defense like that and a quarterback turning it over three times, that's probably the way it ought to be.