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Richard Sherman suspension: Seahawks CB says he 'accidentally drank' Adderall

The Seahawks cornerback said he accidentally drank a teammate's legally prescribed Adderall.

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Christian Petersen

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman claims he accidentally drank from a bottle containing a crushed-up Adderall pill, USA Today reported on Monday.

Sherman and fellow Seahawk Brandon Browner each tested positive for violating the NFL's drug policy and were suspended four games. Sherman claimed that he had a viable explanation for his positive drug test and said he drank from the bottle of a teammate who is permitted to take Adderall with a prescription, according to an anonymous source.

Kevin Poston, Sherman's agent, declined on the specifics of the appeal earlier on Monday but said that he expects, "justice will prevail."

USA Today is also reporting that Browner claims his violation stems from the drug tester not following proper protocol and pouring one container of urine into another.

According to USA Today, Browner faces repeated testing because he was part of the NFL's substance-abuse program as a Denver Bronco in 2005. When he returned to the league in 2011 after a five-year stint in the CFL, he was placed back in the program.

Both players are appealing the suspensions and will play until the appeals are resolved.